At Everdawn Farm, we are dedicated to breeding exceptional Morgan horses with grace, intelligence, world-class lineage, classic conformations and gentle natures; blessed with silken gaits and a touch of gold. We are standing the gaited Morgan Stallion, Great Blaze Boldfield via live cover in Chassell, MI for the 2015 season. Boldfield is a proven sire of exceptional sport, show, ranch and pleasure horses. Several of his Morgan and half-Morgan foals have inherited his single-footing gait.

What is a Smudgie™?

Smudgies™ evolved as the collective name for foals sired by ‘Everdawn’s Morgan stallion, Great Blaze Boldfield. Because Great Blaze Boldfield is such a long name and no part of it seemed overly endearing as a barn name, he was dubbed Smudge because of the white snip which looked as if it had been “smudged” across his muzzle. The name stuck and eventually, folks began to refer to his foals as Smudgies™.